Start Here#

Useful Resources

A list of useful resources and accompanying descriptions, with especially pertinent ones marked.

Being a Team

Covers how to start, organize, and run an effective team.


Design Strategy

A list of general tips for your team’s design process.

Design Tradeoffs

Goes over some common robot design decisions and typically superior alternatives to them.


Because it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your mechanisms are if the robot cannot get to where it needs to be (except maybe if you’re 8813 in Relic Recovery).

Active Intake

Because you want to be able to pick stuff up. Touch it, own it.

Linear Motion Guide

Moving things further than the constraints of the robot is an extremely common task, and linear motion is often one of the best ways to do this.

Power Transmission

Different ways to get rotation from point A to point B.

Programming/Control System#

Options for Programming

Because without programming, the robot is just an expensive brick.

Control Systems

Because without a control system, the robot is just a (significantly less) expensive brick.

Wiring Guide

Because disconnects are no fun.

Programming Tutorial - Mecanum Drivetrain

Because mecanum wheels without the right code are some very expensive questionable quality traction wheels.

Computer Vision

Explains the different common computer vision systems and how to use them (hopefully this doesn’t end with a robot uprising).