Connectors and Wires#

There are many types of connectors for use in FTC®. Here are the most common connectors you will find on an FTC robot.

Anderson PowerPole#

Anderson PowerPole is a connector used by AndyMark on their NeveRest motors. PowerPole connectors are very reliable and recommended for teams. In addition, there are adapters available to other systems.

A powerpole connector

The XT30 connector is used in the REV ecosystem through the Expansion or Control Hub. The XT30 through the REV Slim Battery provides power to the Expansion Hub, and teams will need an XT30 cable to transfer power from the main hub to a secondary hub. This is also the connector used on the REV Grounding Strap.

A XT30 connector

JST-VH is a type of connector used by FTC motors to interface with the REV Expansion Hub. It is keyed and locks into place for improved reliability.

A JST-VH connector
Dupont 0.1”#
A Dupont 0.1" connector

A small pinheader connector commonly used on servos and on some sensors.


JST-PH is a type of connector. For FTC, the 3-pin and 4-pin options will be used most often. On the REV Control/Expansion Hubs, the 4-pin connector is used for encoder, I2C, analog, and digital connections. The 3-pin connector is used for the RS-485 connection between the Control Hub and Expansion Hub.

JST-PH and JST-XH connectors

JST-XH connectors are used for the encoder connections on goBILDA (MATRIX) and Andymark NeveRest motors. Both vendors sell adapters from JST-XH to the JST-PH encoder ports on the REV Control/Expansion Hubs. These connectors are also occasionally found on some third party sensors.


Used in some third party boards. Do not use these connectors! The metal connectors are fragile and will lead to random disconnects.

A Tamiya connector