Connectors and Wires#

There are many types of connectors for use in FTC. Here are the most common connectors you will find on an FTC robot.

  • Powerpoles

    A powerpole connector
  • XT30

    A XT30 connector
    • Used for module power

    • See XT30

  • JST-VH

    A JST-VH connector
    • Used for motor power

    • See JST-VH

  • Dupont 0.1”

    A Dupont 0.1" connector
    • Used for sensors

    • Used for servo wires

  • JST-PH and JST-XH
    JST-PH and JST-XH connectors
  • Tamiya
    A Tamiya connector


    Do not use these connectors! The metal connectors are fragile and will lead to random disconnects.

    • Used for module power