Due to recent events, Game Manual 0 cannot endorse or support any VEX Robotics/IFI (VEX’s parent company) products in any manner. We cannot in good conscience drive people to support or even consider buying from a business with a history of extremely concerning accusations of workplace harassment, toxicity, and general behavior that does not align with the ideals of FIRST®.

These accusations and more have been collated in a Chief Delphi thread. (Content warning: this thread contains many potentially sensitive topics, such as sexual harassment.)

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Are you a rookie team? Are you new to FTC? Are you just looking for a refresher? Check out this section for a curated list of the most pertinent pages!

Design Skills

Covers generic design skills, including the engineering design process, design strategy, and CAD.

Hardware Components

Compares the kit options, has a list of useful tools, and some general advice.

Common Mechanisms

Contains descriptions, advantages/disadvantages, and examples of common mechanisms, including: drivetrains, arms, linear motion, intakes, and dead wheels. Also covers some specific common design tradeoff recommendations and power transmission.

Custom Manufacturing

Covers which materials are appropriate to use when and specifics to 3D printing and machining.

Electronics and Motion Components

Covers wiring, the control system, motors, servos, and sensors.


Covers a range of software topics.

Useful Resources

A list of useful resources and accompanying descriptions, with especially pertinent ones marked.

Know Your Lingo

A list of commonly used FTC slang and their meanings.


Contains a glossary, a robot design gallery, and information about specific vendors.