Sample Drivetrains¶

In this section, we compile several sample drivetrains which you can use as a starting point for your own designs. You should also check the gallery of robot designs in the Appendix.

goBILDA strafer chassis

Basic chassis by goBILDA. Simple and easy to build chassis, providing an excellent starting point for robots built from goBILDA kit.

Strafer chassis with odometry

Modification of goBILDA chassis by FTC 9794 Wizards.exe, which adds odometry wheels. See also their video tutorials:

REV Robotics 6 wheel drivetrain

Sample 6 wheel drivetrain built using REV kit.

AndyMark Tile Runner chassis

A universal chassis kit sold by AndyMark. It is available in several modifications: 6 wheel, mecanum, tank tread. It is expensive, but using provided 3d models as inspiration for your own drvietrain is free.


A customizable open source drivetrain by FTC 10355 Project Peacock. It was designed specifically to be used by other teams as a base of their robots.

Wizards.exe 6 wheel drive chassis

Another design by FTC 9794 Wizards.exe. Combines custom side panels with Actobotics parts (gears, chain sprockets).

Custom drivetrain by FTC 14875 LightSpeed

This design uses goBILDA mecanum wheels, motors, and some channels combined with custom side plates. Take a look at this computer-generated render.


Another custom drivetrain using goBILDA mecanum wheels, by redditor /u/nateless. Note that this design can be viewed but not downloaded - this is intentional; see his original reddit post.